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John R.
5 star rating

John R.
While on a brief vacation from Portland Oregon, visiting friends in Mesa, I  decided to take a CCW class with Arizona Home Defense. The Arizona CCW permit would increase, along with my Oregon CCW permit, the ability to carry legally in an additional ten States. Virgil conducted the class...
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David S.

To start off this review, I would like to say that Virgil is a top notch firearms instructor and fellow veteran. I am currently a firearms instructor. I was in need of 24 hours of refresher training to renew my certification. I didn’t think anyone could show... Read More

Julia S.

I took a CCW class at an adjunct facility in Mesa with AZ Home Defense instructor, John. I was very impressed with his knowledge, and manner. He was very personable. The course content really focused on accountability and responsibility as a gun owner, as well as revealing details about AZ... Read More


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About Us


Arizona Home Defense is Phoenix’s most renown Firearms Instruction Academy. In operation for more than 4 years, it has been through dedication and effective firearms training, that we’ve received more than a hundred 5-Star Reviews. We are staffed by a team of Marine Combat Veterans with more than a dozen combat deployments, hundreds of weapons qualifications, and thousands of training hours.

Our training style is flexible but focused, built to maximize value and minimize frustration. The majority of our handgun and rifle classes are taught as private courses which allow instructors to concentration on assisting you in mastering your weapon.

For our instructors  it doesn’t matter if you’ve never held a gun or have been a competitive shooter for the last decade. Our instructors are trained to diagnose the flaws in your shooting techniques and provide you with the tools to fix them. All while helping you develop new shooting strategies and building your confidence in employing your weapon.


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