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“I just moved here, I need home defense training”

By November 26, 2014 One Comment

We field a lot of questions from people of all different walks of life, there is one group in particular that usually has the most questions. It’s those people who just moved here, everyone has done it a time or two in their life no matter how small the move could be. Some are so bold as to pick their lives up (for those with kids that maybe literal), and move to this fair weathered state we have all come to call home.

People often ask what kind of home defense training and firearm they should get, how they should prepare so if something is to happen, and what if anything they should be aware of. Those are some pretty important questions. Specifically for firearms, no one could tell you EXACTLY what gun to buy every time mostly because everyone is so different.

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Preparation is always the key to success, and the proper preparation can one day mean the difference in outcome of almost any situation. Preparing for different things such as break-ins, one of the best overall tools is mental preparation: visualizing the situations that may occur. It’s like running live drills but only inside your head, the longer you do it the more complex they become.

Mental home defense preparation is just one side of this coin though, taking steps to prevent break-ins and theft are just as important. Valuables should always be locked away as best they can, safes are always a good choice and don’t forget that your local banks does have a safety deposit box. Before heading off to bed, start setting a routine of checking all the locks, windows and entries into your home. I know this sounds like a basic thing to do, but how often do you lock the door to the garage or the bedroom door? (Probably never).

Before heading off into bed make yourself a hard target. At the very least you do not want to make it easy on the guy, right? Some people like to go the route of hiding weapons throughout their homes and apartments, this can be useful.

You also want to remember that there is a possibility of your intruder finding these cache weapons and now you have just armed your enemy. If that is something you want to do they make sure they are in a well hidden place, but it does still need to be practical. (Taped under the couch is not practical).

When devising a plan for home defense it’s best to rely on expert opinion, someone who has a knack for these things. (You wouldn’t build a car without reading a manual first, right?).

As former service members and security professionals we have extensive training on entry and exit of all sizes and shapes of different homes and buildings and it’s about tactics. Most break-ins are premeditated to some degree, and it is all about the easiest route into and out of somewhere. So when you being preparations just ask questions and be curious, because being over prepared has really never hurt anyone.

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