Stress Shoot Course

Defensive Pistol Course

Basic Handgun Course

Tactical Handgun Course

The Guns 101 Course is for youth and shooters breaking into the firearms world. This course has no range time, but does include information on all firearms. Learn valuable lessons and information about on handguns, revolvers, rifles, and shotguns. This course is intended for customer to learn to shoot, but are not ready for live fire exercise.


The Basic Handgun Course is for new and intermediate shooters. This class is intended to teach you how to shoot a handgun and proper handgun safety. The course includes two hours or range time with live fire exercise. Customers shoot 100 rounds of ammunition from their own weapon or a rented firearm.


The Advanced Handgun Course is for intermediate and experienced shooters. For those who have already been involved in shooting sports but wish to advance their skill set beyond static shooting. These handgun classes are designed by Combat Veterans to improve and test your shooting skills.