Handgun Fundamentals Course

Defensive Pistol Course

Basic Handgun Course

Tactical Handgun Course

Are you looking for your first handgun training course? Then our Basic Handgun Course is right up your alley. A two-part course; it begins in the classroom covering handgun basics like: shooting fundamentals, firearm ownership responsibilities, firearms maintenance, and gun range etiquette. Followed by 100 Rounds of Live-Fire training.

You’re not a “new shooter” and you’re looking for training, but you’re not interested in all of the flash of a tactical course. What you want is for someone to point out what you could be doing better and give you the tools to work on it. If this is you, then our Handgun Fundamentals Course is exactly what you want. A private, range only class where you can polish your skills and be confident in your own personal training regiment.

If you’re happy when you look at your target but tired of the same old range experience, the Defensive Pistol Course just might be what you’re looking for. This range-based training exercise is engineered to prepare shooters for real world defensive situations when employing a handgun. Focusing on how you will use a handgun in response to threats, you can expect to learn things such as; holster draws, moving and shooting, shooting from cover, and combat mindset.

You’re reading this, so you’ve made it this far without finding exactly what you’re looking for, we know exactly what you’re looking for; multiple target engagement, shooting while moving, seeking cover, shooting from the holster, and integrated reloads. That’s why our Tactical Handgun Course is absolutely what you’ve been wishing for, not a marksmanship course, a handgun survival course.

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